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Welcome to Doggone Bandanas! Thanks for visiting.    facebook oggone Bananas

Lets start with some News:                     

Doggone Bandanas
Whether you have a dog, or have a friend with a dog, I hope you find a bandana or two that will suit your four-legged friend. There are lots to choose from and more being added all the time. If by some chance you don't find what you're looking for, click on "Contact Us" and let me know. I just may be able to find it for you.Thanks again for visiting and please tell your friends!

Now for some History:

Not that kind of history, just a little about me. I was an only child, which lent itself to being creative. And ever since I was little, I had entrepreneurial spirit. I'll never forget making little fuzzy people out of yarn balls, felt feet, and googly eyes. My neighbors across the street would have an annual garage sale and I hit pay dirt the day I bought a small bag full of little plastic fire engine hats. Oh how cute those would look on my fuzzy people! I'd go door-to-door trying to sell them.

Who knew that (ahem) twenty some years later, my neighbor would inspire me to take my passion for dogs and love of using my creativity and turn it into a business. Even when I can't decide whether to update my site, or sew bandanas, or any of the other things involved in a small business, I enjoy it more than I can say. One of the nicest feelings is seeing a dog somewhere and recognizing his or her bandana as one of mine. Because of that (and other reasons), I take a lot of pride in my work. I'm constantly looking for ways to improve, or come up with new ideas. I believe in integrity. I will not sell my product in stores that use puppy mills. I will not have my product manufactured.

Each and every bandana is made by me and always will be. I repurpose almost everything that isn't used in the making of bandanas from the empty spools to fabric scraps - all donated to schools and others that will use them in some fashion. I'm commited to social responsibility. I hope you are too. If you like what you've read, please tell your friends. The highest compliment I can receive is a referral to your friends. Thank you - and remember, every action makes a difference.