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Whether it's your favorite sport or favorite game, let your dog show his support with one of these:


Are you ready for some football? Someone will be! Whether it's just the two of you or whether you've got your pals coming over, your dog wants to get in the game.



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Snake eyes?? What? OHH!! The dog was a bit concerned but then realized he was showing off the latest in bandana wear, while faithfully by your side.



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Good hand, bad hand, as long as one hand is either handing over a treat or scratching behind the ears, your dog doesn't care. And he does love to show off when he's wearing this. He thinks it'll earn him an extra treat and why shouldn't it!



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Rack 'em!! ok, you like to shoot pool - your dog would rather chase the balls, but we know they're heck on the teeth! Let him get in the game by wearing this bandana. Anyone for 9-ball? Woof!

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How about a little b-ball? Maybe your pooch won't be dunking any time soon, but there's one way to show he likes basketball season.


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